Suhoor & Iftar Party

Suhoor & Iftar Party

Ramadan is the month of blessing, the month of fasting and giving, sharing and caring for each other. The month which. The month which the old and the young wait for from year to year to practice its sacred religious rituals and enjoy its spirit and spirituality. Ramadan vibes and festivities include many social aspects, which are represented in the family gatherings for Suhoor and Iftar all around one table. Consequently, Iftar and Suhoor are more than just meals to have during the holy month of Ramadan. It’s about sharing goodness with your family and friends and to prepare for fasting on the next day, as well as breaking your fast together.

If you are searching for iftar and suhoor catering services in Dubai, contact us now to plan your customized menu.

Are you planning about holding a Suhoor or Iftar event?

If you are thinking of planning a suhoor or iftar event, we can help you preserve the lustre of the social aspects of the holy month with our suhoor and iftar planners. Our team will supply these gatherings with the most delicious foods catered by our certified chefs.

If you are a company and want to organize an iftar or suhoor event for your employees in order to consolidate the relationship between employees and as their corporate social responsibility, Eat Catering is your right decision where experts will take care of everything.

Why choose us?

Enjoy the month of giving and the opportunity to try delicious dishes of our professional chef.

We are loved by lots of companies and clients for our authentic and well prepared options for iftar and suhoor events. Our team can help you with a customized menu, budget and quantity. Feel free to contact us for more information about our iftar and suhoor catering services in Dubai.

Give us an opportunity to serve if you are eager to raise Iftar to a new height. Relax in a serene environment and simultaneously enjoy Ramadan themed drinks, dishes, desserts. It is for sure that reunion with friends and family members for a savoury Iftar will leave you with golden memories.

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