EAT Kiosk 

Our EAT catering kiosks are a great mobile unit that can be easily set up at your home or event space. The kiosk is fun, and interactive and branded with and our EAT red unit or natural wooden rustic stations that can be used for various type of events: pancakes for kids birthdays, burgers for gaming events or even dessert stations for private art showcase. 


  • Private Event Catering


In addition to corporate catering, EAT Catering also offers high quality finger foods and canapés for any event. Whether a breakfast gathering or late night dinner, we can provide a wide range and bespoke selection of canapés, bites and buffet options.


Whether for a team building activity, office celebration or a boardroom meeting, EAT Catering offers a selection of sandwiches, or burger platters complete with side dishes and drinks that can be delivered directly to your office. 


Additionally, monthly and yearly birthday packages are available for corporate companies who would like to wish their colleagues a happy birthday at the office.


For children's birthdays and activities, EAT Catering offers to set up the kiosk at your home, and serve kiddie-size portions of the burgers and chicken bites. We also have a great selection of birthday cakes that can be tailored the theme to your little one’s party.

  • TurnKey Event Management Service


Should you require a venue, additional furniture or decorative items, flowers or lighting to fit into your theme or concept of event, we can fully execute. 

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