Gala Dinners

A great gala dinner is a big celebration of achievement and quality catering from Eat Catering is the icing on the cake. Awards dinners with big banquets and special sit down dinners are events that recognise and award people and pioneers across your industry. As such the guests deserve the red-carpet treatment including champagne receptions and top-notch culinary experiences as well as tasty food with classy experience.

Organizing gala dinners or events can be overwhelming as they require careful planning and attention to every little detail. Eat Catering has years of experience in planning the most outstanding gala dinners in Dubai, therefore lending our knowledge and experience to help you plan the perfect dining experience. Our established relationship with our industry partners allows us to create an exciting dining experience to suit your specific needs

Unforgettable Experience

You want your gala dinner to have a wow factor to remember. With proper execution, together we can ensure your guests have a memorable experience.

Event Management & Catering

Eat catering will assist with the setup, catering, beverages and all other details of your gala dinners so you can focus on your evening. Enhance your gala dinners with these catering and beverages ideas:-

Speciality Drinks

Eat Catering offer unique drinks that match your gala dinner theme. We can offer a variety of beverages in addition to your specialty drinks so your guests have an assortment of both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

Meaningful Food

A gala dinner menu should be carefully thought out and customized to match the event’s atmosphere. If your company has historical or cultural significance, our certified team can design a menu to highlight this

Eat catering Award Worthy Catering

For such important events, themes can add drama and excitement, we can meet and exceed the brief and expectation with creative catering and delicious dishes inspired by global cuisine and mindful of modern dietary preferences.

If you want an award-winning evening where your guests will have a ball we’ve got the credentials to bring to the table.

So, if you’re planning on hosting an awards dinner or gala dinner in the future, why don’t you pull out all of the stops and contact us to discuss your catering requirements with our experienced event team.

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