Every year, Ramadan brings to Dubai an array of season specific options from restaurants all around the city leaving its citizens spoilt for choice. While it is always exciting to see what eateries around town have up their sleeve for Ramadan, what’s most exciting is when new ventures enter the market specifically for the season, festivity bred into their very DNA, and a charm that is temporary and mystical all at the same time. This Ramadan, the team behind EAT Catering has launched Crescent Nights, a special pop up just for the Holy Month.


Starting 5th May, Crescent Nights will open its doors to Dubai at City Walk for Iftar, the menu of which have been created from taking into consideration local Ramadan favorites of the region with a twist on fusion. The iftar set menu that will be available from sunset onwards every day of the week, indulges in perfect cravings for that time of the day with light but flavorful items for starters while the main course explores a richer palat of wholesome ingredients.



From Grass-Fed Angus Meatball Fatteh to Thyme-infused Roasted Free Range Chicken with Lemon all the way to creative sweet endings like Saffron and Pistachio Pancakes or Maple Date Cake are all available within the Iftar menu which children and adults alike can enjoy. The Iftar set menu includes water, select beverages, soups,  appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Price starts at AED175  and AED 95 for children under 12 (exclusive of VAT).


Some of the most exciting items of the menu include but are not limited to :



  • Lentil, Roasted Pumpkin or Minestrone Soup



  • Slow cooked Lentil Salad with Macaroni, Pomegranate and Crispy Onions 


Main Course

  • Grass Fed Angus Beef Meatball Fatteh

(Served on a bed of homemade Crispy Pitta and Yogurt Garlic Sauce) 

  • Thyme infused Roasted Free Range Chicken with lemon and olive oil sauce served with Roasted potatoes 

  • Eggplant Fatteh,

(Baby Aubergines stuffed with minced Angus beef and pine nuts on a bed of homemade Crispy Pitta and Yogurt Garlic Sauce)



  • Saffron and Pistachio Pancakes

  • Maple Date Cake in Maple Butter 



Apart from enjoying delicious meals at Crescent Nights, visitors will also be able to indulge in the mystical ambience of Ramadan in Crescent Nights’ outdoor area.


About Crescent Nights:

Crescent Nights is a concept curated by the multifaceted team of EAT Catering, that will only be available for the month of Ramadan at Building 10, City Walk. Timings - Iftar: Sunset-9:00pm [Last order at 8:30pm] , Suhoor: 9:00pm-2:00am. Reservations can be made at 04-344-5357 and the team can be contacted for further queries at : crescentnights@eatcatering.ae .


About EAT Catering

EAT Catering is a bespoke catering and events company that turns your vision into reality. Their expertise revolve around tailoring their services to the needs of your perfect professional or personal event. An ultimate culinary solution, EAT Catering offers beyond standard service options and curates the journey of food for you and your guests. Contact the team through www.eatcatering.ae and book appointments with the consultant team. The website also features a to-go bakery concept with fresh condiments available to be ordered for immediate delivery in case your event needs a touch of baked goodness in real time.

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