COVID-19 Compliant

To Our Valued Customers,


At Eat Catering we take every precaution possible to provide the safest food and the best possible environment for our associates every day.

Considering the many additional challenges related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) we remain 100% committed to keeping our business open and operating at 100%. Please be assured that the difficulty and circumstances presented by novel coronavirus will not deter us from our duty to ensure that our clients continue to receive safe, sanitized and best-in-quality meals.

All of our employees are required to wash their hands frequently, use gloves, and wear face masks when working around or handling food; sanitize food preparation and high-contact areas frequently; and, are rigorously trained on the most stringent food safety standards in the industry. We have a strict policy requiring all employees to stay home if they are sick or in close contact with someone who is exhibiting symptoms of illness.

We have enhanced our procedures to further strengthen our approach and ensure we continue to operate effectively as this pandemic continues. Some of the enhanced measures we have introduced:

Implemented a mandatory temperature-check procedure for all employees and visitors. Under this procedure, each person seeking entry into our facility must have their temperature taken via infrared temperature scanner before being allowed admittance.

Mandatory hand sanitizer dispensers available at every workstation and employee desk.

Increased the intensity and frequency throughout the day of sanitizing surfaces in our facilities, such as countertops, tables, seats, floors, door handles, production equipment, and restrooms.

No face to face, in-person sales calls, or unauthorized unnecessary persons admitted, to minimize unnecessary entries into our facility.

Continue to follow updates and protocols suggested by the CDC, local Departments of Public Health, and the World Health Organization to best ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and consumers.

The Eat Catering family is taking every precaution possible to continue to provide a safe and clean environment. We are absolutely committed to keeping our Catering operation open and operating, despite these challenging circumstances. Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers.


Thank you for your support and your loyalty. We look forward to continuing to serve you now and in the future.

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