Tips for smooth & efficient private home catering.

Catering can sometimes be overwhelming & stressful. Where to start? What will the guests be happy with? How to give your guests a surprising experience? Will the catering be different from others in Dubai? At EAT catering we ensure that we support you with the full planning stages and cover everything from start to finish. Private parties are the most personal so we know and understand how to focus on all the details. Here are some tips for thought:

Decide on the best space to host your party at home, assign areas for lounging, standing and seating. Therefore guests can mingle and feel comfortable as they wish

Its always fun to have a live cooking station that the chef can interact with and entertain the guests

Think about the flow of the party from the guests arriving – will they want canapés and drinks to then a sit down dinner or help yourself buffet/cooking stations. It’s always great to throw in something different that maybe the guests would not expect.

Plan the music and entertainment thoughtfully as ambience is key

Don’t forget a giveaway treat – last impression of the party is always the best

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